Biologique Recherche

Lait S.R


Recommended for combination and/or seborrheic skin


A true purifying cleanser, Lait S.R. removes impurities and excess sebum from the skin’s surface. It cleanses and removes makeup without irritating the skin, which could produce more sebum to defend itself. 
Its rebalancing platform regulates sebum secretion to limit blemishes. Its purifying active ingredients have an 
astringent action, helping to unclog and tighten pores, which are particularly visible on combination to oily skin. 
Its fresh, light texture does not leave an oily film and allows skin to breathe. It therefore preserves the balance of skin prone to seborrhea, which is already weakened, and provides the water it needs. Free of impurities, skin is healthy, balanced and more matte. It is purified, comfortable and perfectly hydrated.


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