Biologique Recherche

Lait Dermo-S


Recommended for fragile/sensitive skin


Lait Dermo-S’s high-tolerance formula gently removes makeup and impurities to protect the primary 
functions of even the most vulnerable epidermises. 
Enriched with active care ingredients, it acts on the 3 biological components of skin sensitivity to reduce 
the skin’s reactivity to external stress. Its soothing active ingredients exert anti-inflammatory action (1st
component) and neutralize neuronal hyperreactivity (2nd component), while its moisturizing active 
ingredients help recondition the skin barrier (3rd component). 
In addition to protecting against external aggressions, improved cutaneous barrier quality makes it 
possible to limit transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and increase the moisture level in the outermost epidermis layer. It 
then soothes sensations of discomfort in fragile skin.
The skin regains its comfort. It is left clean, fresh, and moisturized with no irritation, no redness, and no 
sensations of tightness.

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