Luzern Serum Absolut Recovery


Skin calming, anti-redness care


Active control of irritation and skin redness. A multi-action formula that addresses all major external causes of sensitivity, redness and rosacea. Instantly soothes irritation, itching and burning. Works long-term to restores a normal sensitivity threshold. Helps strengthen blood vessel walls to eliminate redness and improve skin's appearance. A reservoir of anti-oxidants and skin soothing actives create a shield between your skin and trigger irritants.


    • Reduces the appearance of redness and cuprous
    • Soothes irritation and sensitivity
    • Strengthens protective barrier functions
    • Strengthens fragile capillaries
    • Powered by 21 Innovative Actives
    • 100% free from Toxic 12
    • Plant extracts sustainably-harvested and certified organic by Bio-Suisse
    • Cold-crafted in small batches, at low temperatures for maximum ingredient potency
    • Animal cruelty-free
  • Non-comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic.

Skin types

Perfectly compatible for all types of sensitive, red and irritated skins, including rosacea.

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